Sky-Bright Metal Roofing
Why Choose Sky-Bright Metal Roofing?

Sky-Bright Metal Roofing is a family owned business located
in Arlington, TN, and has been doing business since 1979.  
Every roof is custom made; accessories are fabricated at
our shop using measurements taken from your roof.  We
use a particular metal panel that is wind resistant (up to 150
MPH!!), corrosion resistant, and is aesthetically pleasing.  
The paint on the panel carries a 35 year warranty and we
provide a lifetime warranty on the installation of the steel.
Isn't Metal Roofing Noisy?

When metal roofing has
insulation like plywood,
space sheeting, or two-inch
insulation under the metal,
the sound is virtually
Why Snap-Lock Metal

Snap-Lock metal roofing has
no exposed screws on the
roof panels, so opportunities
for leaks are minimized.
Does Metal Roofing Last?

Metal roofing is the long
term solution.  The panels
are painted to resist
corrosion.  Metal roofing is
virtually maintenance free!
About Our Panel:

  • 1" standing seam
  • 12" wide panel
  • 24 gauge steel
  • Commercial/Residential
  • 37 colors
  • 150 MPH wind resistance
  • Galvalume coated steel with Kynar/Hylar paint blend
  • Snap-lock panel, NO CLIPS to "let go" of the panels in the
    event of a severe storm!
We are located at:

10505 Highway 64
Arlington, TN 38002
Call us at (901) 277-5594
for a free estimate!